Why Would You Throw A Used Teabag Into A Sink Full Of Dirty Dishes? We’ll Tell You!


Who would have thought that a tea filter can be used for such an amazing trick?

Tea is one of the most popular beverages around the world, and as such, many people have some type of tea in their cupboards. While drinking tea has multiple benefits, keeping your used tea bags is also a wise thing to do – we will explain why!

Health Benefits And Other Uses

The habit of drinking tea has been around for thousands of years. Tea has many health-boosting qualities, it is an astringent and contains antioxidants which help cardiovascular health. It can aid weight loss and helps to keep the mind young. The caffeine content of tea boosts concentration and there are endless variations to choose from! Aside from consuming tea, these aromatic herbs can be used for other things, such as fertilizing plants or soothing a sunburn.

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