Can You Actually Re-use A Face Mask? We’ll Tell You!


A dwindling supply of surgical face masks make people look for alternative options when it comes to protecting themselves

A face mask can be an effective barrier between you and COVID-19, the virus responsible for the current pandemic. Depending on the type of mask, though, you may find that some of them are single-use. It’s best to avoid reusing masks that cannot be properly disinfected at home, experts warn us.

But what can we do when there’s a shortage of surgical masks?

You can find yourself in a situation where either you’re the one who’s sick or you need to take care of someone, in which case it’s important to have a mask at hand. Thankfully, you can reuse some of these masks as long as you keep a few things in mind!

How can you reuse a mask? We’ll go into detail on the next page!

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